What is wrong with a man suddenly unable to get an erection? Best medication


Erectile dysfunction is a problem that every man fears, and it is also the most common disease among men, with an incidence rate of up to 10%. Not only can men not be able to get an erection, this not only affects the relationship between husband and wife, but also damages a galaxy male enhancement man’s self-esteem.

Reasons for men not having normal erections:

  1. Non-organic lesions lead to inability to erect the penis

In daily life, because men are often afraid of pregnancy, coupled with poor sexual intercourse environment, couples’ feelings are cold, or long-term nocturnal emission, too much masturbation, they worry about sexual function problems, and even fear of lack of sexual knowledge. Or tadalafil 20mg uk it may be caused by the mentality of the woman’s blame.

  2. Lifestyle

   Often busy with work and irregular diet, this is also the main factor causing male friends’ penile inability to erect. In order to prevent sexual dysfunction from appearing in life and affecting the normal life of men, it is recommended that male friends should stay away from tobacco and alcohol as soon as possible, develop regular living habits, exercise regularly, and do not often stay up late. Take appropriate and healthy measures. Way to relax.

  3. Organic causes

   Male friends cannot have an erection, which is mainly caused by abnormal penile development, endocrine, prostatitis, orchitis and other inflammation of the inflammatory system of the reproductive system.

   Once a male friend finds that he can’t get an erection, he must not ignore it. Find out the cause as soon as possible to avoid affecting the body and mind.

 The dangers of men’s inability to erect normally:

Physiological hazards: erectile dysfunction leads to the inability to complete sexual intercourse, which is the biggest blow to men. And erectile dysfunction may also cause other urinary system diseases, or it may be caused by other urinary system diseases.

   Psychological hazard: erectile dysfunction can make men lose self-confidence, and long-term up2 male enhancement pills psychological stress can cause men’s mental illness. Finally, erectile dysfunction is undoubtedly a huge blow to sexual partners.