Erectile dysfunction has a younger trend, strengthen physical exercise


Erectile dysfunction has a younger trend
Dr. Lin Guobin, consultant of the Urology Department of Raffles Urology and Kidney Medical Center, said that local patients with erectile dysfunction
There is a trend of getting younger, the youngest patient is only 28 years old.

When talking about erectile dysfunction, most people think it is a problem of middle-aged and elderly people. What should I do if I face this unspeakable problem when I am young and strong?

Dr. Lin Guobin, consultant of the Urology Department of Raffles Urology and Kidney Medical Center, pointed out in an interview that the local patients with erectile dysfunction tend to be younger, and the youngest patient is only 28 years old. how to make sex life better? On the one hand, the cause is related to the stress of life, on the other hand, it may be that more young and middle-aged people suffer from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which cause erection difficulties.

Young people’s psychology affects their physical state
Dr. Lin Guobin said that many young people suffering from impotence are psychologically affected by their physical state. For example, young people often make friends of the opposite sex, especially young men who have more experience in sexual intercourse. They may be impressed or impressed by the sexual experience of their ex-girlfriends. The shadow affects the intercourse with the current girlfriend or the newlywed wife, leading to the phenomenon of refusal.

The two parties have different requirements for intercourse, which can easily lead to male impotence. For example, some otaku are not very interested in sexual intercourse, but the woman has a strong «sexual interest» and even requires the man to meet the requirements of the other party, male pills to last longer which is more likely to cause the male’s psychological pressure and refusal.

For young patients, especially otaku, sexual needs are generally solved through masturbation.

Dr. Lin Guobin pointed out that only when he has sex, he knows whether a man is facing the problem of not lifting. He said: «Many times, men think that masturbation is okay, and that there is no problem with intercourse. But it is often during intercourse that many men realize pills to get a hard on that they cannot do it. It turns out that they have erectile dysfunction, and masturbation is not a problem for men
Women’s love can also cause bad effects.

«Masturbation is like boiling noodles, and it will reach a climax quickly. Couples’ sex is like stewing soup, you can’t come in a hurry, you need to brew slowly.»

Familiar with family and career difficulties
Dr. Lin pointed out that the predicament that locals generally face in sexual affairs can be divided into golden night pill two aspects: family and career.

Family: unmarried people mainly lack private space and intimacy with their partners. In addition to the lack of personal space for married people, it is more that both parties reduce their intimate time due to fatigue at work.

Career: especially affects younger patients. Long working hours and high work pressure can cause erectile dysfunction. If the nature of the work of both men and women needs to go abroad frequently, gather less and leave more, everyone’s demand for sex will gradually become indifferent.

Some partners may want to have children because they are too old because they are busy with their careers. Dr. Lin said: «At this time, the wife asked her husband to have intercourse during her ovulation period to increase the probability of pregnancy. The man may not want to disappoint his partner. This psychological pressure caused him to sometimes experience impotence.»

Whether young or old people with impotence are looking for the best treatment.

Low intensity shock wave therapy
Recently, a new test published in the internationally renowned medical journal «Journal of Sexual Medicine» pointed out that low-intensity shock wave therapy (Lo w – i n t e n s i t y)
Shock Wave Therapy, referred to as Li-SWT), can achieve the best effect on erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Lin Guobin pointed out that this type of shock wave therapy has the best effect on mild to moderate erectile dysfunction caused by vascular diseases such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, obesity and diabetes.

The current treatment policy focuses on helping erections, and does not consider the root of the treatment problem. The research of Li-SWT found that it can promote blood vessel remodeling and improve blood circulation. He said: «The secret of this is
LiESWT may stimulate the stem cells of the penis and remodel good new blood vessels. This is most effective for patients with erectile dysfunction due to blocked blood vessels, such as diabetes or heart disease patients. »

The above studies have shown that receiving 6 to 18 times of low-intensity shock wave therapy, ed pills pfizer patients can reduce their dependence on impotence drugs, such as the type 5 phosphodiesterase that can assist smooth muscle relaxation and increase arterial blood flow in the penile cavernous body to produce erection ( Phosphodiesterase type 5, referred to as PDE 5) inhibitor, or use a vacuum pump to get an erection, and avoid surgery.

Investigations by local hospitals show that erectile dysfunction has increased by 30-40% in the past six to eight years, which is closely related to the chronic diseases of modern people. Statistics show that less than 10% of 50-year-old men have impotence problems. By the age of 70, about 60% will have erectile dysfunction.

Three major problems of male reproductive health
When talking about whether male reproductive health problems are getting worse, Dr. Lin Guobin pointed out that men will have more and more serious reproductive health problems as they get older. The top three are prostate problems, erectile dysfunction, and infertility.

As men get older, prostate problems become more common. By the age of 40, less than 10% of men have this problem, and by the age of 70, the incidence rate is 70%.

Next is the physiological erectile dysfunction, how to make your pennis bigger naturally? which is also due to the aging of the population and there are more cases. In old age, blood circulation to the male penis is obstructed due to hardening of the blood vessels. Chronic diseases in the elderly also affect erectile function. Furthermore, treatments and medications for these chronic diseases have a negative impact on penile erection.

Next comes infertility. This problem is different from the previous two because it is mostly caused by human factors. Modern couples often choose late marriage or late childbirth because of their pursuit of life and material comfort. When they want to have children, physiologically
Shang is unable to do what he wants because of his age.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction
Dr. Lin said that erectile dysfunction may be a precursor to severe arterial obstruction. If the patient is treated early, other more serious or vascular hardening-related diseases such as coronary heart disease may be found.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction? Dr. Lin said that regular exercise, such as brisk walking for 20 minutes, a moderate diet, and adequate sleep can help solve this problem.

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